Our Process

We Listen

We listen to our customers. Sounds simple right – But time after time, we meet new clients whose old security company never listened to their needs, to their staff members, nor to the security needs of the guards. At Command One Security Corporation, we will learn your business and what matters to your company, not just for today but for times to come.

Listening tools utilized:

• Regular Client Meetings

• Annual Quality Survey

• Security Officer Feedback

We Verify

Command One Security audits performance. We conduct internal audits which serves as one of many powerful operations tools we use. A few areas we audit are:

• New Hire Audit

• New Account Start Audit

• 90 Day Audit

• Operations Audits

We Train

Command One Security understands the importance of effective security guard training in order to meet and exceed the needs of its clients and officers. Each Command One Security officer enters a training program that is designed to allow each security officer the opportunity for a clear road to success. This entails three phases:

• Basic Training

Basic security officer duties – awareness, officer conduct, reporting and communication.

Customer Focus

Specific duties and procedures relating to the job at the customer’s site.

• Promote and Provide Ongoing Training

Encourage each officer’s professional development.

We Monitor

Command One Security’s performance metrics are based on:

• Site Management/ Security Officer Retention

• Customer Satisfaction

• Site Compliance

We Honor Commitments

We keep our promises to our customers. Our Call Center is operational always for dispatching, messaging, and information.